NMS adopts a three dimensional approach. The focus is on functional discipline, industry specialisation and Global perspective. We believe that the leader’s growth is nourished by academic expertise, guided by corporate experience and shaped by the global exposure. Towards delivering this, NMS adopts 3 axis in our curriculum.

Discover Academic Expertise
What sets The National Management School apart is the quality of the faculty. At the National Management , you will discover unparalleled expertise. Each of the founders and faculty are exceptional in research, teaching and consulting and are very well known in their fields. The school enjoys the rare distinction of being established and governed by a group of professors with global renown. All faculty members have doctorates and several of the faculty members hold Chair Professorships.

As aspiring business leaders you will benefit immeasurably from the proven tutelage of the global faculty. You will discover your own potential to become a world-class business leader, fully capable of mastering whatever challenge the constantly changing business world may offer.

Discover Industry Experience
At The National Management School you will enrich your experience with the experience of industry experts. You will be exposed to international cultural and work practices through the vast experience of our faculty, who teach in universities across the world. Throughout the program you will be meeting professionally qualified experts from the industry who have the relevant functional experience in managing global companies. You will get to know current practices in the industry through your interactions with pur CXO Panel members who manage large corporations across sectors of the industry, government and society.

Discover Global Exposure
At The National Management School you will make a most liberating discovery: the world is in your class-room. Our faculty will bring the wealth of their international exposure to you. Our CXO Panel, composed entirely of members with rich international experience, will share their knowledge with you. Acdemically, you will learn your concepts from the extremely well-qualified, global group of faculty memebrs. Functionally, you will learn your practical experience from the knowledge of senior members from the industry. Together, the faculty and the CXO Panel will make you feel able and capable of dealing with business issues on a local and global scale.